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Excellent Bond Strength

The rib pattern of the fortune group TMT bars has been specifically designed to ensure excellent bounding between the bar and the concrete. Cut by automated machines, the ribs of Fortune TMT are uniform with the bond strength 100-200% higher than the M.S plain bars and conventional CTD bars.

Outstanding Weld ability

Fortune Group TMT bars are low in carbon content, therefore it can be Butt-welded or lap- welded using ordinary rutile coated electrodes of matching strength.

Superb Bend ability

The tough outer surface and the ductile core of Fortune Group TMT bars make it extra high malleable and bendable as compared to reinforcement steel bars.

High Resistance against Corrosion

Our premium steel product is Thermo Mechanically Treated with no torsion residual stresses on the bars. This results in superior corrosion resistance characteristics than conventional bars.

Dimensional Tolerance

Fortune Group TMT bar complies with stringent IS: 1786 standard laid for dimensional tolerances, and has section weight generally lower than found on other bars.

More Economical

Fortune Group TMT bars are new generation high strength bars with application strengths in plenty. This helps our bars to bear higher stress levels comfortably, resulting in less consumption of steel bars.

Terrific Temperature Resistance

Thermally hardened Fortune TMT rebar are ideal for use in places prone to fire hazards because its exhibits higher thermal resistance even at temperatures upto 600 degree Celsius.

More Economical

Fortune Group is inherent with outstanding earthquake resistance property, making it suitable in seismic zones. The product performance of fortune TMT Group proves its stress withstanding capacity.